ASAIR-AM2105A Dust-proof Temperature And Humidity Sensor-Dust-proof Probe Digital Signal Temperature Sensor

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  • Производитель: Banggood


Описание и характеристики

Specification:Model: AM2105A Dust-proof Temperature and Humidity SensorSensor Type: Temperature and Humidity SensorHumiditylimits: 0-99.9% RHHumidity measurementlimits: 99.9 (RH)Output Type: Digital Signal OutputAccuracy: Humidity accuracy:among3%RHTemperature accuracy:among0.5 degrees CelsiusPower supply voltage: 5.0 (V)Power supply current: 0.001 (mA)Material: ABS PlasticsWeight: 77gFeatures:- Single Bus Digital Signal Output- High AccuracySurveying and Monitoring- Wide measurementlimits- Low power consumptionDescripotion:AM2105A Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor is a temperature and humidity composite sensor with calibrated digital signal output.Device. Special temperature and humidity collection technology is adopted to ensure high reliability and excellent long-term stability of products.Sex. The sensor consists of a capacitive humidity sensor and a high-accuracyintegrated temperature sensor with a high performance.It can connect microprocessors. The product has excellent quality, ultra-quickresponse, strong anti-interference ability, cost-effective.Higher advantages.Package Includes:1X AM2105A Temperature and Humidity Sensor1X Product Outer Packaging Box1X Qualification Certificate1X Flange sleeve1X Shielding wire2X Fixed Screw

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