220V 500W Electric Dehorner Cutting Edges Angled Handles Calf Dehorner

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The advantages of dehorning:- It is good for management, especially for grazing cattle. To a certain extent, It is safety for keepers .-Dehorned calf or lamb will need small area for the feeding, which is an important management measure to raise the density of dairy cows.- Dehorned calf or lamb will be docile and increase the economic benefits of farmers. If the calf or lamb with horn, they will damage each other, which causes loss of appetite, decreased milk production.Specification:-Suitable for:15-70 days dehorned calf or lamb-Power supply: 220V 500WFeature:-The hot area gathers the front end and the rear end heat dissipation effect is good-Copper head has good thermal conductivity and heat fast-The special copper head is in the shape of ox horn-Portable and durablePackage included:-1X Calf dehornerMore details:

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